Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dennis' Newest Current Obsession

So last night instead of doing things that is actually important like my homework, I spent several hours "researching" possibly the classiest of all accessories: boutonnieres; also known as lapel flowers/pins.

There have only been two instances where I have worn a boutonniere and both were prom related. Now with an approaching need to dress up in suits in the week after next, I have decided to return this long lost trend into my life. However, it would be quite difficult to go out to the florist and order a freshly made one every time I needed the next best thing would be fake flowers. No, I am not talking about tacky fake flowers that try really hard to look real but are obviously fake. Instead, I am taking about beautifully designed lapel flowers made out of materials such as yarn, felt, and even clay.

The first one that I came across and sparked by interest in lapel accessories is a woven lapel flower from a little company call The Knottery. It is simple and the cheapest out of all the other ones I really want. Similar looking ones can be found at hook + ALBERT.

If you have the patience to browse through several thousand items on Etsy then you will find a couple of really cool ones (I do not have that patience so I only looked through a few). This one immediately caught my attention.

I really really really want some of the ones sold by a company called J&HP Clothing...too bad its located in Tennessee (I think?) and I really don't feel like paying shipping right now.

Apparently there is an Italian company that sells suits, which comes with a complimentary lapel flower. I really like it because it has a really "cartoonish" feel about it. A Japanese store sells "replicas" of the Italian ones for a "decent" price. It is still a little steep (and currently sold out) so look on Etsy to find even cheaper look a likes made of felt for a very cheap price.

Out of all the ones that I have researched last night, the ones that I wanted the most come from a little Singaporean company called Vanda Fine Clothing. For $20 you get a pair of orchid lapel flowers made out of this special clay from Japan. While it steps into that "try to be realistic" territory that I was warning about earlier, I think it remains classy by being a small size.

For the ultimate thrifty person, you can make your own lapel pin made out of these silk knots for French cuffs. You need four to make it work, I only have two...#awks

Dear companies who I have given some publicity, I will accept free merchandise as compensation...just kidding (#butnotreally)

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