Saturday, March 17, 2012


Sorry readers about the delay in posts. It's been a really busy time in Boston, nevertheless, it is inexcusable. To get back into the swing of things, let's talk about the season. Spring break is upon us, meaning spring is most definately here! I just came back from Japan, and may I say the ladies there have the blush tones trend down to an art. Pastels are huge this spring (mint&peach people!!!)
Prabal Gurung
This blazer by Prabal Gurung was shown in an article from Harper's Bazaar created about the mint trend. Click on the image to view the article.

Remember all those floral patterns from last spring? Well, I hope you didn't discard your wardrobe because they are back and in full swing. Be ready to see the streets flower filled! Peter Som had a simply wonderful spring collection full of patterns and color:
Peter Som 2012

Another trend (which I am totally in love with) is the return of the Roaring Twenties! Flapper dresses galore and beautiful Twenties jewelry is in, in, in! Just take a look at the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection with an updated take of one of the most glamourous fashion periods:
Marc Jacobs Spring 2012

Take a look at Vogue's findings to update your accesory drawer here.

Next time, in honor of my recent trip, I will cover Fashion Week in Tokyo. Oh, if only I had gone a week later (and was famous enough to get in)...

Spring break has come upon the Yards of Style trio. While Dennis is in Kentucky being adventurous and exploring caves and Sheena's having the time of her life in Japan, I'm back in New York shopping, watching tv, hanging with my puppy and now blogging because well I could be studying for the tests I have after my break but let's face it, why would I ever spend time doing actual important things.

Now I'm here to talk about fashion though, not my boring vacation because last time I checked this is a fashion blog.

  1. Let's start off talking about colors. I've been seeing a lot of peaches and mints out there (yes Sheena, I know you said in the beginning of the year that those would be the colors of the Spring. You are indeed psychic) Anyway, I got pants in each color. I will probably have them on in future pictures :)
  2. Espadrilles are also in. I'm not usually a fan of them but I've been seeing some cute pairs.

Dolce Vita Lolita Woven Espadrille

Jeffrey Campbell 'Jenna' Sandal

Tory Burch Contrast Elastic Espadrille

Steve Madden 'Manngo' Woven Sandal

Charles David 'Baja' Sandal

I wasn't too successful with shopping this break. Oh well, I'll have to go shopping back in Boston.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dennis' Newest Current Obsession

So last night instead of doing things that is actually important like my homework, I spent several hours "researching" possibly the classiest of all accessories: boutonnieres; also known as lapel flowers/pins.

There have only been two instances where I have worn a boutonniere and both were prom related. Now with an approaching need to dress up in suits in the week after next, I have decided to return this long lost trend into my life. However, it would be quite difficult to go out to the florist and order a freshly made one every time I needed the next best thing would be fake flowers. No, I am not talking about tacky fake flowers that try really hard to look real but are obviously fake. Instead, I am taking about beautifully designed lapel flowers made out of materials such as yarn, felt, and even clay.

The first one that I came across and sparked by interest in lapel accessories is a woven lapel flower from a little company call The Knottery. It is simple and the cheapest out of all the other ones I really want. Similar looking ones can be found at hook + ALBERT.

If you have the patience to browse through several thousand items on Etsy then you will find a couple of really cool ones (I do not have that patience so I only looked through a few). This one immediately caught my attention.

I really really really want some of the ones sold by a company called J&HP Clothing...too bad its located in Tennessee (I think?) and I really don't feel like paying shipping right now.

Apparently there is an Italian company that sells suits, which comes with a complimentary lapel flower. I really like it because it has a really "cartoonish" feel about it. A Japanese store sells "replicas" of the Italian ones for a "decent" price. It is still a little steep (and currently sold out) so look on Etsy to find even cheaper look a likes made of felt for a very cheap price.

Out of all the ones that I have researched last night, the ones that I wanted the most come from a little Singaporean company called Vanda Fine Clothing. For $20 you get a pair of orchid lapel flowers made out of this special clay from Japan. While it steps into that "try to be realistic" territory that I was warning about earlier, I think it remains classy by being a small size.

For the ultimate thrifty person, you can make your own lapel pin made out of these silk knots for French cuffs. You need four to make it work, I only have two...#awks

Dear companies who I have given some publicity, I will accept free merchandise as compensation...just kidding (#butnotreally)

Click on images for link to source.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Outfit Chronicles #4

During a wonderful 60 degree day in Boston Jordan and i slowly made our way to Boston's esplanade. Making sure to embrace the warm weather and the fact that it is indeed STILL WINTER, we both wore sweaters and tights. I swear, if I see one person wearing flip flops outside, I'll blow a gasket (It's still winter...what are you thinking?). Enjoy the photos!
Ps. Left you a little bit of our silly side on the last picture.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Outfit Chronicles #2

Jeans - Joe's Jeans
Boots - Enzo Angiolini
Shirt - H&M
Vest - Nordstrom

Tommy Hilfiger - Shirt
H&M - Pants

Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Jordan and Dennis

Friday, January 20, 2012

Make Them Remember You

In honor of the beginning of the semester here, I would like to take a little time to talk about a crucial part of the first day of classes...First impressions are essential in our world today. Whether you are applying for a job, or meeting new people, you want to be memorable. Despite how corny I sound, I say, whole-heartedly, that confidence is indeed key. What better way to feel a bit better about yourself than having a great outfit? I know all you fashion lovers out there understand me when I say that the day is a little brighter and much more enjoyable when wearing that new shirt you purchased over the weekend, or maybe even rummaging through your mother's closet and donning a vintage look for the first time.

For my first day outfit, I picked out a two new items that I thrifted over my winter break. The sweater is Tyrolia By Head and the woolen shorts are from Old Navy. Tights by Worthington and Dr. Marten boots with Air Custom Soles. Notice how I balanced out the graphic print of the sweater by playing out dark colors on the bottom half of my outfit. I layered the knee high socks over my tights to both accomodate for the cold weather along with adding a little sexy lace pattern into the equation. I picked the boots so the chunky nature matched my slightly oversized sweater.

Don't know what to do for your first day? Experiment!! Don't be afraid to try something a little different. Through experimentation you will be able to define your own unique style that makes you feel pretty and confident. Pair a girly dress with ripped tights and a leather jacket to rock the "girly biker chic" look. Pair it with some kick- ass wedge boot heels to complete the look.