Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Welcome to our fashion blog, "Yards of Style".

What we will post about:

  • Our creative ensembles, using photographs
  • Trends
  • Our critiques of collections and the styles of other people.
  • Basically anything that peaks our fancy.

Who are "we":

Jordan Ford aka Jordan "Poshinista" Ford. Born into a stylish family, she resides in THE center of the universe, NYC (JK she lives on Long Island). Shoe lover in every sense of the word, her closet is a magical place and she is constantly adding to her collection. Perhaps equaling her love of fashion is her love she holds for her puppy, Lucy.

Sheena Chatterjee aka Sheena "Grandma Sweater" Chatterjee. She is the epitome of a hipster, though she will never admit it (which is the most hipster thing a hipster can do). A collection of sweaters, and tons of thrifted items make up the majority of her closet. When shopping on a budget, Sheena will help you get the items you desire for a minimal price.  She also enjoys narwals, the unicorns of the sea.

Dennis Li aka Dennis "Fancy Pants" Li. He rocks bow ties, suspenders and cardigans. He seems like a normal, sweet guy but watch out, he is one sassy motherfucker, especially when he's wearing his sassy scarf. Since moving to Boston from the metropolis that is Chicago, he has tried to emulate the East Coast style. He enjoys long walks on the beach, sipping on champagne, horse races with fancy hats, and above all Jell-O served in ostentatious cups.

We will try to update frequently. Enjoy!


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