Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oprah Moment

Now that dear Oprah has departed from the media world, I have personally taken it upon myself to fill the gap. In honor of the big O, it's time for DENNIS' FAVORITE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. The Hunger Games
With the end of the beloved Harry Potter series, I have been forced to seek out a new book to unhealthily obsess over. While I find the writing simplistic and unrefined, the story is one that you literally consume as you stay up till the break of dawn trying to find out what happens next (true life). Style wise, I really like the windbreaker/jackets that are shown in the trailer (picture unavailable, look it up yourself). And the t-shirt shown above. PS: They are also coming out with their own fashion line, whaaaaaa?

2. Nautical Looking Stuff
Saint James Nautical t-shirt
Cause who doesn't want to look like they are going sailing all the time? Even in the middle of winter when the Charles River is frozen.

3. Classy ass shit like bowties
Ernest Alexander
Need to look fancy? Put on a bowtie and its BOOM, instant touch of class. However, unlike regular ties, these have to be used with caution. Save them for actual instances where you need them, like a fancy smancy gathering or a nerd themed party. Otherwise you will like someone who's trying too hard if you wear it with anything and everything.

4. Twitter
Its true...just kidding not really
How else am I going to tell the world all the important stuff I am doing like blogging? (shameless self promotion: @thedennisli)

5. Jell-O
Super Fancy Jell-O
Last but not least, style isn't just about what you wear, but also about what you do. The word style is also in lifeSTYLE. Forced to eat dining hall food, I have found refuge in the dessert table. And the king of all desserts is Jell-O, or gelatin if you don't want to be brand specific. And the best thing about Jell-O is that it can be extremely low end or super fancy.

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